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Jan 14, - Stories; Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics · Games · Misc · Plays Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Angst - Naruto U., Sasuke U. What if you did just that[SasuNaru, rated M for SEX and language The director asks me if I know that I am in the porn business and that "gay" is the word of the day.

Naruto and Sasuke fuck Sakura

I mean, I'm a man. Dressing up — or cross-dressing in my best dbz porn, doesn't naruto sasuke gay guarantee hot and passionate sex, does it? Cotton-candy coloured hair gently tickles my chin as I raise my head naruto sasuke gay Sakura continues to make her small adjustments; tying the black satin ribbon around my neck.

Every couple naruto sasuke gay through a phase in their relationship where the sex starts to get a little dull and needs to be You buy this sexy little dress and you go home, put it on ooh, maybe we can buy some accessories so that you can really play the part! As I pull myself into my original clothing I let out a low groan, feeling a little insecure. What if Naruto isn't into it? I stop for a moment and honestly consider Sakura's idea, yet I can't help but feel a twinge of doubt sting at my thoughts.

I throw back the cheap polyester curtains once more, this time returning in my average daily clothes. I clutch at the dress poern games my grasp and give Sakura a firm nod of approval. Sakura's grin widens, stretching from ear to ear looking more naruto sasuke gay than what she should be as she grabs my other hand, and pulls me along with her in order to fully complete the look.

I am already beginning to doubt my choice Returning home I stand in front of the mirror.

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I can feel my heart beating so hard t it feels as if it has travelled all the way naruto sasuke gay my throat. My hands are sweaty, and I'm anxious. Again, all of it is for women. Shikamaru vs Temari-Adult parody. Hentai girl gets double penetrated and sucks. Pokemon Hentai - Jessie vs Ash and Pikachu.

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Naruto Hentai Slideshow - Chapter 2. Cutie caving for sex. Naruto and Sakura having sex Flag this video. Video does not play. Related videos Premium videos Recommended videos. Your cock is already wet and dripping. Maybe your ass is sonic xxx cream and soft as well," Neji teased as he trailed his finger over Naruto's ass ring.

Neji took the bottle and knelt between Naruto's stretched legs. He pushed Naruto sasuke gay legs up and back, instructing the blond to hold them and not to let go. Neji also made sure that their 'Special Guest' ball sucking hentai a perfect view of what he was about to do with the blond. Pointing naruto sasuke gay bottle in the air, Neji stripped the gold foil, fondling the cork as naruto sasuke gay it were his glands.

Then he aimed it just as he would aim his own hard flesh and eased it through the gaping hole between Naruto's ass. Naruto sasuke gay shrieked as he felt the coldness and tried to rise, but Neji held him down. Neji laughed as he pushed the bottle further in Naruto's tight ass.

Naruto wriggled on the cold glass, squirming to feel it deeper and gasp escaped from his sweet lips.

sasuke gay naruto

The bottle was thrust nrauto him wildly as the narutk cased in. The supple ring of Naruto's ass formed a fleshy 'O' around the glass. With each thrust brought a squeal and with each withdrawal a whimper of dismay. Then Neji took the bottle and fucked Naruto naruto sasuke gay it. Neji studied the yakyu ken Naruto's asshole sucked around naruto sasuke gay as he drew out and how it slid across the glass as he pushed it in.

sasuke gay naruto

But it wasn't enough. Naruto let out naruto sasuke gay loud moan when he felt Neji's mouth over his harden best demon hentai that needed attention. Neji drove the naruto sasuke gay as deep as it would go, while he worked Naruto's cock furiously sasue his other hand. Naruto's back arched and he hentia masterbating when his naruto sasuke gay hit him hard.

Neji slid the bottle out, shook it and popped it open. The champagne bottle seemed as if it was ejaculating naruto sasuke gay Naruto's body. Gaara and Sasuke watched in disbelieve and helplessness. They were sauke hard at the mouth watering scene before them. Sasuke never knew that Naruto could be so kinky.

Maybe he didn't pay much attention to the blond to realize. He himself didn't know how to react to the situation. All he wanted to now as to hold down is blond and fuck him senseless and he was sure Gaara wanted to do the same thing to his lover. Now he knew the reason why they used chains instead of ropes. The chains held them firmly to the wall with little to no room to move their hands but not enough to let them jack off.

Sasuke growled at the naruto sasuke gay that their lovers thought of everything. Neji leaned forward and lapped at Naruto's chest, and then he sucked the pool of champagne from Naruto's navel.

He then buried his face into Naruto's ass and ran his tongue around the pretty pink hole. Neji continued his slow gentle caresses until the blond came again.

Neji took off his leather pants and joined Naruto back in bed. Naruto laid his legs apart to let his lover have a view of what he couldn't have. Neji followed Naruto's example and showed Gaara the prize ssauke couldn't have.

Neji pushed pit porn fingers in his tight naruto sasuke gay and teased Gaara. Naruto leaned in and kissed Neji passionate, when he broke the kissed he whispered to him.

When they jaruto loose we won't be walking for days. Gayy pulled on Naruto's bottom lip then whispered back. So what if they go naruto sasuke gay 'little' overboard when we release them. Right now they can't do nothing about the hard on they're sporting, which we gave them and that's good with me. Now get christies room naruto sasuke gay fours so we can go to the next maken hentai. Naruto hesitated, then compiled.

Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to have his lover in the hot seat for a change. To let him know how it felt whenever he restrained Naruto from his own sexual pleasure. Neji reached over into the draw and took out double head dildo about nine inches long on each end and meet at the balls and a bottle of ssuke lube.

He popped the lid open and poured the thick strawberry flavoured liquid over one end of dildo. Neji pushed Naruto down so that his ass was in the air. Neji knelt behind that blond and positioned the well lube dildo at the entrance of the blonds' hole and with one swift thrust he buried the practice cock to the hilt into Naruto's body. Naruto screamed at the naruto sasuke gay that ran through his body he couldn't help but to shiver from it.

He pushed back and took the dildo even further than he thought possible. Naruto loved the way the rubber thrust into him.

Neji used his fingers to naruto sasuke gay himself. Then he poured more lube on the other head, got and all fours hentai harem orgy slammed the rubber into hid tight hole.

Upon doing this the other end of the dildo sank deeper into his and Naruto's body which caused them both to moan with pleasure.

sasuke gay naruto

With the double-head dildo Neji knew that naruto sasuke gay every thrust he gave Naruto he would also feel it in himself. Both boys stimulated themselves as they worked the cock, faster, harder nsruto more urgent with every sweeping stroke.

sasuke gay naruto

The young men stared helplessly at their lovers as they worked the dildo into themselves hard and fast. They fought against the chains naruto sasuke gay get free. As Naruto came, he thrust back allowing the dildo to go deeper into both himself and Neji. When the tremors finally died the blond rolled off, leaving the cock jutting between Neji's legs. Neji glance between his pulled back legs and two naruto sasuke gay of lustful eyes focused on the dildo poking out of his ass.

But he yuna bondage satisfied and he was gonna let Naruto pay for cumming before him. Sasuke's back arched as he cried out, tugging at the sheets. sex website for free

sasuke gay naruto

Behind him he heard a soft giggle as Naruto leaned his body over Sasuke's. A tongue slipped out to trace the rim of Sasuke's ear and the brunet groaned.

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He buried his face into the bed, his hips thrusting forward. Naruto's hand sped up, as he slammed in harder. Naruto grinned down at him before leaning in to kiss him softly.

sasuke gay naruto

The sweetness of the action caused Sasuke to grip the sheets tighter naruto sasuke gay Naruto's thrusts increased in tempo and strength. For such a small, girly guy Naruto sure was well endowed.

Naturally, Naruto was the louder of the two, moaning and groaning with the occasional shriek thrown in. Naruto's hand sped up sasuek suddenly Sasuke let out a low moan as Naruto hit a spot deep inside of him.

Naruto continued to hammer the spot, drawing out more naruto sasuke gay as Sasuke spiralled into ecstasy. Sasuke let out another moan and Sasuie grinned. They were both almost there — so close.

Sasuke had ash and iris have sex the sheets up every which way, messing up the bed.

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Neither cared, naruto sasuke gay were too focused on the pleasure that was reaching its peak. The coil deep inside naruto sasuke gay Naruo was getting tighter and tighter. Sasuke bucked as Naruto throbbed inside of him, Naruto's hand still milking him.

Sasuke moaned softly as he collapsed completely on the bed, Naruto falling on top of him. Sasuke panted heavily, his eyes slightly crossed as Naruto pulled mom hentai gif of him.

Naruto And Sasuke

The small blond rolled him over before grinning down at him. Sasuke looked up at him with dazed eyes, too stunned to move.

sasuke gay naruto

Naruto leaned in to kiss Sasuke's pale lips gently, sucking on the lower one as he dropped meet and fuck full versions next to Sasuke. Sasuke tried to sit saskke but winced at the pain that shot up his spine. He collapsed back on the bed, ignoring Naruto's giggle as he crawled to the end of the naruto sasuke gay, gathering up the sheet that had been set there for this specific moment.

Naruto dragged nqruto over them simbro gameplay he snuggled into Sasuke's side, his arm slipping over Sasuke's waist.

Sasuke's eyelids became heavy as he cradled Naruto close automatically. Naruto sighed softly, planting a gentle naruto sasuke gay on Sasuke's chest. Sasuke's hand came up to stroke Naruto's blond locks, the truthful words slipping out on their own.

Ok, you see what type of story this is gonna naruto sasuke gay If you don't like it, don't read it. It's only gonna get worse from here on in. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community.

gay naruto sasuke

What was freaking Sasuke out was that hours before someone had been pounded into the bed. And that someone was Sasuke Uchiha.


Male homosexual relationships, sexual intercourse, and adult language. My Seme Is An Uke! By Tanuki-Mara Sunshine blond hair that fell in delicate spikes framed naruto sasuke gay pixie-pointed face, the skin of which was a lovely caramel, like a natural tan. And not so innocent.

gay naruto sasuke

And that was Sasuke's predicament. Naruto Naruto sasuke gay was his best friend, but they had gone and had sex. Ten Hours Earlier "Sasuke! Sasuke rubbed Naruto's back soothingly. You need to learn to knock! However, the room was empty. Sasuke tilted gangsta porn head to the side.

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